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SF Celtic Constitution and By-Laws:

A. Aims and Objectives

1. This organization shall be known as the San Francisco Celtic Soccer Club.

2. The objectives of the club are as follows:
  • to sponsor mens and ladies soccer teams
  • to help promote the image and culture of soccer
  • to promote friendship and goodwill towards our members and friends

    3. No member shall receive monetary compensation for club duties other than out of pocket expenses.

    4. All club bills shall be paid and recorded in the Treasurer's book. The Treasurer's book will be available for review upon request.

    B. Membership

    1. Membership in the club shall be open to everyone of good moral character, who will support the aims of the club and pay the annual subscription fee.

    2. Anyone who has met the membership requirements and whose subscription dues are current shall be considered a member in good standing.

    3. Any individual must be a member in good standing in order to represent the club.

    4. The members shall have the power to incorporate the club under the laws of the State of California for causes to be included in the Articles of Incorporation. Such provisions are required by law for purpose of exonerating officers and members of the club from liability for the debts and liabilities of the club.

    5. Suspended members shall have the right to appeal suspension at the next AGM. A two-thirds majority of the members at an AGM shall be required to overrule a suspension. The suspended member shall have the right to appear in person at said AGM.

    6. Club membership subscription lasts for one year, beginning with the AGM in September and expiring at the following AGM. Subscription for new members joining after October 1st or later, will be pro-rated from the month they join. Their membership will then expire with the AGM.

    C. The Executive Committee

    1. The Executive Committee shall consist of six members who shall fill the following offices:

    Public Relations Officer / League Rep.

    2. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to appoint temporary officers in lieu of the failure of elected officers to perform their duties due to illness or resignation.

    3. Any officer of said club who fails to attend three consecutive meetings, without just cause, shall be removed from the office and replaced by a member in good standing appointed by the Executive Committee.

    4. The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees subject to the approval of the members.

  • Any sub-committees shall be under the supervision and control of the Executive Committee.
  • If any sub-committee should fail to function or to report, the Executive Committee may remove said sub-committee and appoint another.
  • All such sub-committees shall be required to submit progress reports of their activities at regular meetings.
  • Any sub-committee, who with approval of the Executive Committee, organizes a functions designed to raise money for a specific cause shall retain excess of said funds for disbursement as said sub-committee sees fir within the boundaries of the club.

    5. President:
    The President shall call a special meeting only when 10 members in good standing request one. Upon receiving a written request bearing all 10 signatures, he or she will notify the Executive Board and notice of said meeting will be sent to all members. Any special meeting can only cover the specific purpose which was stated in the said letter. Said meeting will have power by a two-thirds majority vote to enforce decisions made at said meeting.

    6. Vice-President:
    In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall take full responsibility in all matters pertaining to the club, i.e. chair meetings, etc.

    7. Secretary:
    The secretary shall keep an accurate record of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all members. The Secretary shall record the transactions of all club meetings in a minute book, certifying to the correctness of said minutes and shall keep an attendance record of elected officers at all meetings. The Secretary shall issue all communications required by the club, except those relating to the office of the League Representative. A copy of all correspondence shall be kept in a permanent file by the Secretary. The Secretary shall issue all notices of all meetings in accordance with the constitution.

    8. Treasurer:
    The Treasurer shall be the sole custodian of all funds, shall maintain an accurate record of receipts and disbursements, and shall render a financial statement prior to the AGM. He/she shall report promptly of the failure of any officer, member, or any other person to promptly surrender to him/her any funds due that are belonging to the club. He/she shall pay all bills and other obligations of the club by check and preserve a record of such checks. Cancelled checks shall also be preserved. He/she shall deposit all funds in a bank designated by members.
  • All funds shall be deposited in the name of the San Francisco Celtic Soccer cLub.
  • No funds should be withdrawn without the signature of the Treasurer.
  • There can only be one Treasurer in the club; this includes all sub-committees.

    9. Registrar:
    The Registrar is responsible for signing and releasing all players with the California Soccer Association North. He/she is also responsible for processing membership and the assigning of membership cards.

    10. Public Relations Officer:
    The Public Relations Officer is responsible for publicizing the club as follows:
  • To inform club members of dates, times, and places of games and training sessions.
  • To advertise upcoming events.
  • To promote the club to potential sponsors with the intention of raising funds.

    D. Annual General Meeting - AGM
  • The AGM is to be held every 12 months.
  • The AGM shall be held during the first week of September. If for some reason this is not possible, the Executive Committee shall decide the next available date that this meeting can he held.
  • All outgoing officers shall give a report on the previous year. The annual report of the President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be available to all members at the AGM. The Executive Committee shall audit the Treasurer's report before it is presented at the AGM.
  • The Election of Officers:
    A special chairperson shall be elected at the AGM to conduct the Election of Officers at said meeting. All nominations for office at the AGM must come from the floor, must be seconded and accepted. All nominees for election to the Board, including President, must be in attendance at the AGM to accept the nomination. All members running for office must be in good standing. All officers of the Executive Committee shall be elected annually, however, an officer may be elected to serve to another term.
  • Ammendments to the Constitution and By-laws can be made only at an AGM and must be carried by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership present in order to pass.

    E. Parliamentary Procedure
    Except where it shall come into conflict with the Constitution or By-laws, Robert Rules of Order shall govern the Parliamentary procedure.

    Founding Members

    Sean Conefrey
    Daniel McCarthy
    Sean McNulty